Das Konzert von 47SOUL musste leider abgesagt werden. Eine Anreise ist in der derzeitigen Situation nicht möglich.
We regret it very much and hope for your understanding!

47SOUL is currently one of the most promising bands from the Middle East. The three talented young musicians with Palestinian roots are successfully presenting their own unique genre to the world called "Shamstep" - a powerful mix of traditional street music from the "Sham" region (Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), electronic beats and influences from funk, hip-hop and rock. On melodies that have been pulsing through the Arab world for centuries, 47SOUL pack analog synthesizer sounds, hypnotic guitars and startling lyrics in English and Arabic and thus stand for the soundtrack of the Arab youth.

The band was founded in Jordan in 2013, meanwhile the musicians have found their new home in London, from where they ensure sold-out concert tours internationally. Socially up-to-date and lyrically refined, their songs, which refer to the centuries-old politics of the Middle East, combine all elements of energetic, boundless music that embodies freedom. After the highly acclaimed debut album "Balfron Promise" (2018), their eagerly-awaited new album will be released this fall.


Ramzy Suleiman (Z The People) – vocals, synths
Tareq Abu Kwaik (El Far3i) – darbouka, Mc/vocals
Walaa Sbait – Percussion, Mc/vocals