SA, 10th October & SUN, 11th October 2020
SA, 17th October & SUN, 18th October 2020
jeweils 12:00 bis 12:45 Uhr (4 Konzerte á 10min)
und 13:15 bis 14:00 Uhr (4 Konzerte á 10min)


Weltmuseum Vienna
1010 Vienna


4 €
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assigned seat, at least 1m distance, wearing the mouth and nose protector also at the seat

A truly unique concert experience is the "concert for one" series by the artist Sofia Taliani, as it is specially designed for only 1 visitor. For 5 minutes the listener is immersed with closed eyes in the dreamlike musical world of the singer, pianist and songwriter. Played on Austria's first public piano, which is available in the remarkable "Corridor of Astonishment" in the World Museum in Vienna, the "concert for one" series is one of the "Slow Music, a life style" projects that Sofia Taliani has initiated in Venice in 2014.

For Salam Orient, the artist has put together a special repertoire - a musical encounter of East and West, which is dedicated to the people of Beirut. For her new program Sofia Taliani has invited various guest musicians from the most diverse world music genres, who together create a boundless musical bridge.


Sofia Taliani – vocals, piano
among others with the following guest musicians:
Dominik Nostiz, Willi Landl, Fernando El Peru, Raouf Kahouli

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