Unfortunately the concert of Duo Naqsh had to be cancelled. A journey to the concert is unfortunately not possible in the current situation.
We regret it very much and hope for your understanding!

„Naqsh“ is the Persian word for "ornament" and the love for beautiful detail is also reflected in the music of the duo. In their purely instrumental compositions guitarist Golfam Khayam and clarinettist Mona Matbou Riahi, both grown up in Tehran, blend Persian harmonies, classical sounds and contemporary improvised jazz rhythms into breathtakingly beautiful music. Frequently the musicians do not use their instruments in the conventional way. With new playing techniques and unusual sound effects, they create multi-layered music with its own language and distinctive narrative style. For the first time, the duo is accompanied by a video artist who continues the mysterious music in colorful pictures.

Amir Ash is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker in Tehran. His training as a filmmaker with a focus on animated film and his friendship with numerous musicians finally motivated him to experiment with live visuals and light in 2008. Since then he has worked with musicians such as Siavish Amini, Idlefon, Umchunga and Temp-Illusion. At the end of 2009 he co-founded the design and technology studio CODON, where he works with three artist colleagues as a visual artist with a focus on various projects such as real-time simulations, interactive light sculptures and installations with international reach.

Mona Matbou Riahi - clarinet
Golfam Khayam – guitar
Amir Ash – visual artist