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Fri, 12. May 2023
8:30 pm


Flex Café
Augartenbrücke 1
1010 Vienna


VVK € 25,- / ermäßigt € 22,-
AK € 30,- / ermäßigt € 27,-
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When the Jordanian-Palestinian band El Morabba3 came together in 2009, their groundbreaking sound and socio-critical lyrics struck a chord with a generation that rebelled against an unstable region with hunger strikes and longed for music that expressed its thoughts, worries and anger as a reality of life. Within a very short time, El Morabba3 breathed new life into the Arab independent music scene and, with their fresh electronic post-rock sound, soon was one of the most important and socially relevant bands in the Arab world. With the band's move from Amman to Berlin, singer/songwriter and bassist Muhammad Abdullah and music producer and sound artist Basel Nouri are leading the earlier aesthetic development of El Morabba3 in a new direction. Starting from the raw energy of the first album and the instrumental-electronic passion of the second, the artists dive deep into experimentation with electronic sounds and storytelling in their new songs.

Muhammad Abdullah – Vocals, Bass, Composition
Basel Nouri – Synths & Laptop, Musicproduction

Facebook: El Morabba3