October 21, 2019
7.30 pm


Theater Akzent
Theresianumgasse 18
1040 Vienna


Seat tickets: € 30,-/ 28,-/ 26,-/ 22,-
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Houria Aïchi comes from a family of Berbers. They are known as Chaouia and live on the Aurès plateau in North-Eastern Algeria. Celebrated for her interpretation of the songs of the Aurès in Southern Algeria, Houria Aïchi revisits the sacred repertoire of the regions of her country and having collected - here and there - the popular musical gems that speak of the saints and rites that activate the daily life of her people, she places them in a musical setting by composer Henri Agnel to give lustre to their strength and beauty.

"These titles," the singer explains, "were collected through meetings with people from my country who generously and kindly contributed. The main idea of this project was to propose a wide range of songs, representing as much as possible of the Algerian geographical and cultural space.”


Houria Aïchi - vocals, percussions
Mohamed Abdennour - mandola, choir
Ali Bensadoun - flutes, percussions, choir
Adhil Mirghani - percussions, choir