Doppelkonzert HUUUM & Bedouin Burger
Fri, 1. April 2022


FLEX (Bar)
Donaukanal, Augartenbrücke 1
1010 Vienna


Tickets via ntry

Unfortunately, the concert of HUUUM had to be cancelled due to illness!

The concert of Bedouin Burger will still take place.

Tickets: Already purchased tickets remain valid for Bedouin Burger. However, if you want to return an already purchased card due to the cancellation of HUUUM, please contact ..


The idea for the new project HUUUM - Cancelled was created, when three musicians explored Iranian dance music culture together: singer and musician Omid Darvish , eletronic musician Rojin Sharafi and Jazz saxophonist Astrid Wiesinger . The aim of HŪM is to make the partly forgotten culture visible again, which is fed by many cultural influences, and to bring it back to its true purpose: dance.

The trio transcends genre boundaries and searches for symbioses from folkloric dance music, ambient and jazz influences to contemporary dance music as well as electronic beats & sounds. Atypical rhythms and microtonal music connect with Iranian dance music. The lyrics are in different languages to reach as many people as possible and to create music for the soul.

Omid Darvish – Vocals, Tambur
Rojin Sharafi – Electronics
Astrid Wiesinger – Saxophon

Double concert:
with Bedouin Burger

Covid-19 rules (Flex):
2G certificate, FFP2 mask recommended.