Thursday, 8th October 2020
7 pm


Zieglergasse 29
1070 Vienna


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Elaha Soroor was born in Iran into a family of refugee Afghan Hazara and became famous through the TV casting show "Afghan Star". Her growing popularity in a society known for its persecution of female actors and her outspoken views on women's rights eventually led to her flight from Afghanistan to London. "In the eyes of the world, Afghan identity is defined by terrorism, war, the Taliban and uneducated, homebound women. I try to create different associations with Afghanistan through my music," says Elaha Soroor.

Marko Kölbl, musician and ethnomusicologist from the Institute for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, talks with Elaha Soroor about her experiences in the Afghan music business, flight and migration and the socio-political dimension of her music.


The interview will be conducted in English.


Elaha Soroor & Kefaya