12th October 2020
8.30 pm


Riemergasse 11
1010 Vienna


EUR 22,-
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For this event applies:

assigned seats, at least 1m distance, no wearing of the mouth and nose protector at the seat

The young Ensemble Kurdophone originates from the true cultural melting pot of Vienna. The five musicians come from Iran and Austria and bring old Kurdish-Iranian melodies and Western influences into harmony as a matter of course. The members of the ensemble draw their ideas from a wide variety of styles such as traditional Kurdish folk music, classical music, jazz and contemporary music. The debut album, which will be released on Lotus Records in 2019, is entitled Isomer - a term originally from the field of chemistry that describes molecules that have the same molecular formula, i.e. the same content, but appear in different forms and structures. Kurdophones, too, draw their content from the same core, namely Kurdish folk melodies from Iran, creating the most diverse soundscapes.


Omid Darvish - Tanbur, Gesang
Sarvin Hazin - Kamanche, Violine
Amir Abbas Ahmadi - Klavier
Helene Glüxam - Kontrabass

Sebastian Simsa - Schlagzeug