Tuesday, October 15, 2019
7.30 pm


Theater Akzent
Theresianumgasse 18
1040 Vienna


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EUR 26,-/22,-/18,-/15,-
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Mahan Mirarab is an Iranian guitarist/composer based in Vienna, Austria. He has spent years learning about Persian music and the indigenous sound and cultures of regions such as Arabic, African, Turkish, and Kurdish music, while refining his skills in jazz. Notably using fret-less guitar, he specializes in blending the oriental micro-tonal system with jazz. After moving to Europe in 2009, Mahab has become an acclaimed musician in Europe’s music scenes. He has participated in various projects in world and jazz music as a performer, as well as a composer/arranger for multiple film, theatre, and music bands. He plays in numerous bands, composes film and theater music and has his own band with which he will present his new album as part of Salam Orient program.

Joining the concert as a special guest, Mahan Mirarab will introduce his Iranian artist colleague Mehdi Aminian, who recently moved to Vienna. Using a music-ethnological approach, the musician and composer studies the music cultures of the East and West, dealing for years with traditional and popular music from Iran, Eastern Europe, the Arab world and India. He finds the source of inspiration for his compositions and his unconventional access to rhythm and melody in the music cultures from different parts of the world, which he encounters in his travels, as well as in the mystical Sufi literature. With his association Roots Revival, Mehdi devotes himself intensively to the development and implementation of international music and research projects, with the aim of creating a direct artistic dialogue between different music traditions.

Mahan Mirarab - guitar, fretless-guitar, oud, composition
Mehdi Aminian - vocals, ney, setar
Mona Matbou Riahi - clarinet
David Six - piano
Martin Berauer - bass
Amir Wahba - percussion
Special Guest: Golnar Shahyar - vocals