Wed, 30. March 2022


Goldschlagstraße 169
1140 Vienna


EUR 23,-
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The talent of Senegalese singer and musician Marema was first recognized in 2012 by Alpha Blondy's former bandleader Mao Otayeck, who then arranged and produced their songs. In 2014 she gained international attention with the single "Femme d'affaire". The following year she won the RFI Award for "Best Female Artist in Africa" and toured all over Africa. Invitations to major festivals in Europe followed.

In her songs, she is committed to social justice and sings about the strong women of her homeland. Musically, she combines traditional Senegalese elements with soul and pop. Marema has recently moved to Vienna and formed a band. Together, they present their new program at Salam Orient.

Marema Fall – Vocals, Guitar
Marco Antonio da Costa – Electric guitar
Cheikh Ndao – Bass
Jörg Mikula – Drums
Waraba Diallo – Percussion 

Covid-19 rules (Sargfabrik):
No G-certificate, FFP2 mask required.