credit: Fernanda Nigro

Wed. 10 May 2023
7:30 pm


Sargfabrik Vienna
Goldschlagstraße 169
1140 Vienna


€ 22,- / ermäßigt € 20,- / € 15,50,- / € 14,-
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The band Özlem Bulut stands for an energetic mix of arabesque elements, jazz and pop. Özlem Bulut grew up with traditional music in Eastern Anatolia. As she continued her classical vocal studies in Vienna, she met the composer and pianist Marco Annau - a congenial partner who brought to life their visions of a contemporary interpretation of Anatolian music.

With "Ayna" ("mirror"), the Özlem Bulut Band now releases their long-awaited third album. Like a mirror, the original compositions tell of a sharpened view to the outside as well as of the introspective. In "Numbers" the power of number is invoked, the "Mädchenlied" deals with resilient femininity. In between, there is fine new dance music, such as a song about the old turkish cinema. The Viennese Melange of the Özlem Bulut Band gets its unmistakable foam crown in current world music again on the new album due to the outstanding line-up.

Özlem Bulut – Vocals
Marco Annau – Keyboards
Andrej Prozorov – Soprano Saxophone
Oscar Antoli – Clarinet
Marko Ferlan – Bass
Jörg Mikula – Percussions