13th October 2020
8.30 pm


Porgy & Bess
Riemergasse 11
1010 Vienna


EUR 24,-
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assigned seats, at least 1m distance, no wearing of the mouth and nose protector at the seat

Salah Ammo presents Duo, Quartett & Wiener Diwan

Salam Orient presents the Vienna based Kurdish-Syrian musician Salah Ammo, der seit 2013 in Wien beheimatet ist, an einem abwechslungsreichen Konzertabend seine wichtigsten Musikprojekte samt langjährigen Webbegleiter/innen und speziellen Gästen vor: das Duo Projekt mit Percussionist Peter Gabis, sein Quartett sowie seine neueste Formation Wiener Diwan mit einem klassischen Streichquartett der Wiener Symphoniker.

Born in Northeast of Syria and grown up in a multi-cultural neighborhood where Kurds, Arabs, Armenians and Assyrians have lived together for thousands of years, these diverse traditions have given Salah Ammo’s compositions a special identity. Salah Ammo has never been a musical purist, but still he is true to his musical heritage. With his openness and curiosity, the charismatic musician manages to set his musical roots in the context of European culture. Together with his music colleagues he is building bridges between east and west, between classical and oriental music and together they show impressively that the most exciting musical styles often arise in a room of musical diversity.


Salah Ammo - vocals, bouzouk (syrian long-neck lute)
Pter Gabis - Percussion, Handpan and Overtone
Elena Kodin - violin
Renate Turon - violin
Isabella Stepanek - viola
Daesun Koh - violoncello
Oscar Antoli - clarinet, bassclarinet, dolçaina
Pouyan Kheradmand - Santur, Gheychak and Setar

Hamidreza Ojaghi: Daf and Dahle
Andreas Amann: Bass