SA, 28. & SO. 29. September 2019
10am to 2pm


Freunde Salon
Garnisongasse 11
1090 Wien


Free entry
Limited numbe of participants: 12-15
rsvp at

In this writer’s workshop author Hamed Abboud, originally from Syria, will focus on and analyse Arabic poetry as a source of inspiration. Together with the participants, he will examine thetypical characteristics in order to use them as a starting point for new stories and poems. Writing exercises will convey the elements of Arabic poetry. The final works will be presented in their original language at the reading "Geschichte aus der Weltstadt Wien"on 18 October 2019.

Presentation of texts 18.10. 7 pm The stories and poems written in the writer’s workshop will be presented during this reading. Extracts from the works are read in the original language. The translations of the texts will be printed in a brochure. The reading is accompanied by live music.


In cooperation with Ceurabics and Fremde werden Freunde