Credit: David Kadoule / Ina Aidogan / Julien Hay

SO, 14. May 2023
7:30 pm


Theater Akzent
Thersianumgasse 18, 1040 Wien


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With the project "Woman, Life, Freedom – Voices of Iran", the three Iranian singers Golnar Shahyar, Tara Mehrad and Aïda Nosrat put together an extraordinary repertoire within the framework of Salam Orient, which is dedicated to the struggle for women's freedom in Iran.

Iranian-Canadian singer Golnar Shahyar lives in Vienna since 2008. In a very short time she made a name for herself here as an accomplished vocal artist and composer in contemporary and improvised music. For her, there is no meaningful separation between her music and the social issues she passionately addresses. She grew up in a culture where women fought for decades for a public voice. Adding onto this is the status of an outsider in Western Europe, representing a culture that is often viewed with suspicion. Golnar Shahyar's music creates an emotional and narrative landscape that is shaped by tradition, yet stands entirely on its own. Many of her songs carry the weight of tragedy: war, oppression, the personal struggles we all share - yet she manages to convey hope and light with her music.

Die Singer/Songwriterin Tara Mehrad grew up in Tehran, where most styles of music and singing are banned for women. Born into a music-loving family, she began performing at underground concerts as a teenager. After she got arrested at a concert, she decides to do everything in her power to leave Iran and become a professional musician elsewhere. She finally studied music in Paris and started her career here. Tara Mehrad's musical world is unique and without any limits. She writes texts in Persian, French and English. Her words are poetic, full of passion, mystical and rebellious. Her music is cosmopolitan and their message profound. At the end of 2022, her first album Bidari has been published, which tells its own story and is dedicated to all Iranian women and their struggle for freedom.

Iranian Singer/Songwriter Aïda Nosrat was able to pursue a musical education for violin and traditional Persian at the University of Music at her native Tehran and became a member of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra at the age of 17. However, she was unable to expand her career due to the ban on public solo performances for women. In 2016 she finally left her homeland to develop her musical career in Paris. Her peculiarity is her singing style, which is a unique combination of different singing techniques from Persian, flamenco, jazz and classical styles.

Golnar Shahyar – Vocals, Piano
Nosrat – Vocals, Violin
Tara Mehrad – Vocals
Mahan Mirarab – Guitar, musical direction
Laurent de Oliveira – Piano
Marko Ferlan – Bass
Bernhard Schimpelsberger – Percussion